About Us

About us


BeOS (Best Of Spain) It is a new 3-in-1 concept: Unique and revolutionary, in which the consolidated values ​​of culture, progress, diversity, solidarity and coexistence that represent Spain and that aims to offer a more dynamic and dynamic image intervene in a sustainable way. Modern, from her to the world.

In a global world without borders, the multimedia 2.0 concept becomes more necessary than ever. We could say that BeOS goes further, being the pioneer on the threshold of the 21st century, of a new generation concept web 3.0 (A web focused on the common good, the universal integration of people and tools for sustainable development), based in information and communication technologies (ICT) such as BeOS Social Network (https://bestofspain.org) plus Multimedia Franchises (A new system of franchises, physical stores spread throughout the world, with its own identity and quality seal granted by BeOS food division (Best Of Spain - Embassy Gastronomic Spanish)) Plus a last generation online store (https://bestofspainonline.com).

These three lines together are the new social stage web 3.0.

Ultimately, BeOS aims to boost the country's economic growth, offering to the world its best products, most of them products from rural Spain and attracting world tourism, through the information of landscape, monumental, climatological, cultural virtues , gastronomic etc ... we have. 


BeOS CEOS are Fernando Cano and Marina Jiménez

About Fernando Cano:
He is a tireless worker who has developed his professional career in international companies, in managerial positions, implementing new marketing strategies, micromarketing, personal motivation and adaptation of companies and human team to new technologies.

The areas where it has mainly performed its functions, have been consumer products, having as main clients both nationally and internationally: IKEA, Corte Inglés, Aki Bricolage, LeRoy Merlin, Decathlon, Macro, Carrefour, etc ...

About Marina Jiménez:
Degree in Psychology from the UMA, she has developed her professional career in the area of ​​business management and franchising.

In 2007, together with Fernando Cano, they started working in the areas of Internet and new technologies, where they managed to be leaders in SEO positioning, psychology and Net Marketing and thematic social networks.

On SEO positioning they published the books TOP SECRET SEO I and TOP SECRET SEO II and positioned numerous international companies.

On Psychology and Net Marketing. This concept still under development and expansion project is one of the fundamental pillars, where all companies should implement it in their day to day. Fernando Cano and Marina Jiménez were the pioneers of net psychology and today they continue to use it in their work and expand new fields of knowledge. 

On thematic social networks, they have created more than 20 thematic social networks of different areas and very different types, each with its own personality, applications and social tools and all of them with a common bond, that of joining and sharing.

Currently we have an excellent team, each of them specialized in their area. We love working in a team and our slogan phrases are: "Quality is everything" and "Excellence in service".

We will be delighted that you join us, both in the social network and in the acquisition of your own franchise.

For any doubt, suggestion, idea or collaboration, you can contact us through the contact form.

Best regards
The BeOS team